Yoga for Seniors: Reversing the Aging Process

The seniors we work with – in their seventies, eighties, and even nineties – have proven to us that no matter what your age, fitness or mobility level, you can practice yoga!

Ellie, 88, has great hip flexibility!

The benefits of this age-old practice are many:  for example, did you know that practicing inversions regularly is said to help prevent and even reverse senility? (We aren’t doing headstands in our classes – yet – but downward facing dog and forward folds are considered inversions – where blood flow to the head is increased.) And did you know certain poses in yoga are considered weight-bearing exercises, and are good for preventing osteoporosis?

Camille hits her tree pose!

Our seniors who we work with on a weekly basis report improvements in balance, flexibility, posture, and breathing; and they leave our classes “in their happy place.”  And we love working with each and every one.  Here are some quotes from our students about doing yoga in our classes:

  • “I’m proud to say I attend yoga, and it has helped with my breathing and posture.” -Fran
  • “It’s easier to put on socks.” – Nancy
  • “They are a lovely couple and work well together.” – Unajane
  • “I’m now able to reach the top button on my sweater without pain.” – Bunny
  • “I’m more aware of proper breathing when picking up or lifting.” – Fran
  • “My balance has improved.” – Nancy
  • “Yoga is the best!” -Ellie

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Our sessions consist of breathing exercises, modified sun salutations, yoga poses modified for all levels of mobility, and a guided meditation.  We feature balance challenges as part of every class. Each class also includes an opportunity for the residents to speak about whatever is on their minds. We use props like blocks, straps, and chairs, to assist students in finding the best approach to each pose.

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We feel lucky to share the gift of yoga with every student no matter what their ability, and thankful to my grandmother Ellie for helping us find our path. (See About Us.) We’re looking to expand to other facilities – if you’re interested please reach out via email: We also teach private sessions!

Private session on the deck during summer!